In order to join our team a successful AUDITION IS REQUIRED.  

Once you have completed a successful audition, you will be placed with a recruiter to begin the enlistment process. 


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Auditions Q&A

What is an AMPA?

An Army Musical Proficiency Assessment is an audition used to sample your musical skills based on technique throughout various genres and styles. 

What instruments can I audition on?

Our band is comprised of brass, woodwind, rhythm, vocalists, and audio & light technicians. 

Brass: Trumpet, Euphonium, French horn, Trombone, and Tuba. 

Woodwind: Oboe, Bassoon, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone (Alto or Tenor).

Rhythm: Drum set, Concert Percussion, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, and Electric Bass. 

 Vocalist: Must be able to sing contrasting styles including rock and jazz, no need to play an instrument. 

 Audio & lights technician: Must conduct a hands-on audition, no need to play an instrument. 

How do I prepare for an AMPA?

Use music you already have prepared that includes 4 different styles of music. Make sure you practice leading up to your audition to ensure good tone, intonation, range, phrasing, time, and rhythmic accuracy. These are the categories you will be judged on.

What are the minimum requirements to join the 39th Army Band?

All applicants must be able to pass an audition to be considered for selection. You must be aged between 17-35 and be a U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident (green card). You must pass all recruiting screening requirements (ASVAB, medical, legal, etc.). A college degree is not required, but highly desired. 

How long does my AMPA have to be? How long will my AMPA take?

Ultimately, you will choose your repertoire and determine how long your AMPA will take. The commander may stop you during your performance if he feels he has heard what he needs to properly assess your skill level. However, plan for 45 minutes to an hour for your AMPA.

How do I schedule an AMPA?

To schedule an audition, or get additional information, please email 

What is the audition process for a Sound Technician (9X)?

Applicants for this position are selected by the Army School of Music (ASOM). You must demonstrate knowledge through formal education or extensive experience in the field. A packet including your resume, certifications, college transcripts, and or degree will be sent to the ASOM. If pre-selected, you are asked to conduct an in-person audition at the ASOM in Little Creek, VA (travel expenses are covered by the organization).

What do I need for my repertoire?

Perform at least 4 selections of contrasting styles. Styles can include but are not limited to…

What is a passing score? When will I know my score?

 AMPAs are scored out of 36, a score of 18 is needed to pass. You will know your score before you head home!

What if I receive a score that is not passing?

If you score below an 18 on your AMPA, then a Subject Matter Expert from the unit may assist you in preparing for your reaudition!

What happens if I pass?

If you pass your AMPA, you will have the opportunity to meet with a recruiter to discuss enlistment opportunities. 

What happens if I can't make my scheduled AMPA?

If you can’t make the audition you had scheduled, call (603) 715-3104 to reschedule for a time that meets your needs!

My question wasn't answered, who can I contact?

If we missed your question, please contact

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